A sudden realization that felt great

Not sure if it’s directly LoA-related. I experience this from time to time, but today it felt powerful and lasted for hours.

On my way to work, and as always listening to books while enjoying the scenery. Some words resonated with me, and I remembered to be aware. I felt something like “this is who I am!” and intensified it. About 100 people walking around in my view, plus cars and trams. Time stopped, and I just felt it. This day will be great. The feeling covered my entire view and I felt so powerful. It felt like fresh, intentional freedom. It was pure, and made of love from who I am originally.

It’s difficult to put into words, but it magnified everything. The few seconds of a “mini-gnosis” entered and work was a blast. I could not stop smiling all day and everything was flowing. I ended up taking different routes to and from work, and I saw stuff I never knew was just around the corner. And it kept growing and all I could think “wow, this is just awesome”.

I didn’t really wish for anything. But I deeply believed life would be great and everything of today has felt exceptionally great. Mirrored back perfectly, just from that one powerful realization. And know I feel like I know how to keep doing it more intentionally. No idea how to put it in words. It’s like umpfh, poof, intensify, and smile. Then go about the day.

I hope I remember to be aware enough to repeat it time and time again. Felt so good!

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