Any help with neville goddard’s method plz? :/

Iv been practicing many of his methods for quite some time now but recently iv ran into an issue and have not yet found anyone who has had the same issue as me, been stuck for a few weeks now so if anyone could help that would be nice 🙂 Also, feel free to share ur personal experiences to.

For a few weeks now iv been doing the method he talks about where, before you drift off to sleep you get into a deep relaxed state, you envision a single act that implies the wish fulfilled and repeat it over and over again, and as you do this its suppose to feel more and more real as you repeat this until you get completely lost into the imaginal act and flooded with a feeling of relief / its done.

I tend to have multiple issues with this, The first one is that when I first imagine a scene, I see it through my eyes, involve all my senses and I feel alot of joy and wonderful emotions, and most of all I feel relief “Its done”. But as I continue to repeat the scene in my mind it becomes more and more stale, and soon im feeling nothing from it. This usually happens after doing it for 2 – 3 days, I do my session 2 – 3 times a day for 15 minutes as well.

Iv noticed this has always been the case with the LOA as well. I bring about a feeling about a desire but as I keep doing it it will feel less realistic and stale, despite having really strong desire for it. But when I talk to other people they say “Yeah, each session feels more realistic and I feel more absorbed into it”..

Alot would say that they get so absorbed into their imaginal act that when they open their eyes they would receive a “shock” that the scene isn’t real. So for me, the issue is the scenes don’t get anymore realistic as I repeat them, and when I do manage to feel strong emotions from them, they turn stale because its the same imaginary scene every day. However, Neville does say to repeat the scene.

There is the chance its because my visualization skills just aren’t good enough but then there was his other method that was for people who cannot visualize. Which was to hear the person congratulate you and repeat that, but its the same with this. It turns stale or just doesn’t feel very real.

Any help please?

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