Day 32 – Our Subreddit Gratitude Journal

**I am grateful for all of your ideas and suggestions on how to best keep this Gratitude Journal going!**

For now, allow me to simply continue the momentum by posting Day 32. Only a few more things left to do until the solution is revealed! 😀


*For everyone who is new to this, here is how this works:*

* **Type 1 thing that you are grateful for in the comments**. That’s it! 😀


**What led to this?**

I’m an advocate of practicing Gratitude and know the clarity and manifestations that come with it. When you establish a habit of feeling grateful for things, you begin attracting more of that which you are grateful for – which ultimately leads to the eternal manifestation of all that you desire. So, I decided to start this gratitude journal for myself and for anyone who wanted to participate.


**Start now and type 1 thing you are grateful for in the comments**. See you tomorrow!

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