Dreaming about manifestation?

So for the past month or so I’ve been pretty serious about manifesting a proposal. My Bf and I have been together 3years, living together 2.5, and I am very ready to be engaged. We talk about the future often, both now have stable high-position jobs in our careers. We talk weddings, we talk kids, we talk buying a home, we talk being old and senile. Just don’t have the ring yet. We get along great and I feel like we’re both fulfilled. So what I’ve been doing is: I’ve been envisioning walking down the aisle, imaging the way my bouquet will smell, the way my dress will feel on me, what color schemes I want, the venue he likes, etc. I dreamt first last night of a HUGE glass case full of diamond rings. Secondly I dreamed of all of my family and friends telling me my boyfriend was going to propose, and then at the end of the dream he did. It was the best dream ever. Is dreaming of your manifestation a sign it’s really on its way? When I think about it I just imagine the weight of the ring on my finger or imagine how my stomach will leap when he gets on one knee and opens the box. Not only this, but almost all of our couple friends are starting to get engaged so I know he has got to be really thinking about it now. Will keep y’all updated. 🙂

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