Feeling like the boss I am

Money is coming my way from sources I foroot about. I’m so focused on building my business a barely eat or sleep. It’s success is on my mind 24/7. I think about the feelings of driving that new Bentley into my big as house garage. Feeling of a boss. I feel like a boss. Only because I am. It feels so good to chase my dreams. Unsurprisingly I can’t fathom going back to work. I haven’t showed up to work for the past 2 days. I’m just not feeling it. I’m too much of a boss to work for someone else. I know that my business is becoming more and more successful everyday. The fact that I’m putting in so much work makes me so proud of myself for pursuing my dreams! I am grateful that my car broke down, I lost one of my high paying jobs. If that didn’t happen I wouldn’t of been this far progress wise with my business. Heck I probably wouldn’t of even started. What really opened my mind and motivated me around the time when my car broke down and I couldn’t get to my high paying job. I realised then I will not be happy working for someone else my whole life. Regardless of the pay. I was born to be the employer not the employee. Born to be a boss with the world by his balls. Slowly but surely time will make that a reality. Any who I just made this post to rant and hopefully encourage my fellow peeps to chase their dreams and have faith in the universe. Sometimes you might feel discouraged but look at reddit post of people who were in your situation and made their dreams a reality. You can make your dreams a reality too! Sitting on your ass all day wishing probably won’t do you any good. I have tried that for months. It’s only now that I’m taking action that I’m getting results and the progress is going smoothly. I don’t think you can get something for nothing. I wouldn’t value the stuff I buy with money I was given. The amount of time and effort I’m putting in makes me feel deserving of everything I wish for. For my lack of sleep, entertainment etc is the price I’m paying to make myself a millionaire. Life is crazy and wonderful. I still feel weird about how we are all humans on earth lol. Just mind blowing our abilities and the composure of our mind and body. 8)

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