How can you attract a job when you don’t know what job you want?

Need some advice guys. I started working when I was 16, I am 36 now and still not found a job I like. That’s 20 years of searching and getting nowhere.

I can remember at school we had a careers class, we’d decided what we wanted to do when we left school and the teacher would give us directions on what we had to do to get there, it was incredibly useful if you had an idea on what you wanted to be when you left school, all the other kids wanted to be the usual Policemen, Farmers, Builders, Vets, Doctors the list goes on, me, on the other hand, I never had a clue. I didn’t have any talent, never had any interest in anything.

As a result I left school and have floated from 1 dead end minimum wage job to the next repeat for 20 years takes you to where I am at today.

These kids have all went on to achieve their goals and as such have got married, bought a house, traveled etc, me because my pay has always been so low have achieved nothing.

Sure I can say OK I now know I don’t want to do this job but what do I want to do? I am no further forward in knowing.

How would you solve this dilemma?

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