How to create a new life with so much resistance

Hello all.

So… I’ve struggled with law of attraction for about a while now (i’d say “a while” as in a few years or so). Whenever i just want to manifest one thing, I just have so much difficulty getting myself into vibrational alignment with it. The crazy part of it is that I’ve manifested “small” things before so I know this works!

Actually there are quite a few things that i want to manifest… soon. Having said that, i have this feeling that i should just work on creating a new life for myself, and Abraham Hicks tells us it’s possible to create the life we want in 30 days. I’ve created a list of things that i would like to have and to have happen in my life in the next 30 days, and will work on listing positive aspects, EFT tapping, and whatever else I can do to free my being of all this resistance.

Here’s the thing:

I just have this notion in my mind that my life has dealt me an unfair hand. Maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s the resistance that’s part of what’s been holding me back. I FEEL like the Law of Attraction has been difficult for me and I can feel the frustration deep in the fibers of my being. I could feel the deperate wanting of some of the things I want to manifest, wishing I could be living a different life than the one I’m living right now, daydreaming of myself living that different life and what it would be like but there are no positive feelings behind it. Additionally, when I do want something, there is always some negative reasoning behind why I want that. For example, I want a new house but primarily because there are things about the apartment I’m in now that I don’t like. I know it won’t work if that’s the case.

Whatever the case may be, i’m not giving up because i also have this feeling that i will be able to manifest the life and the things i want in time and that it will all be worth it in the end.

I guess I am writing asking you guys for help and advice but seeing everything that Abraham’s 30-day process entails make me nervous and often don’t feel like I can do it, that i don’t have the wherewithal to put in the commitment to feeling better so I can be at a position where i can get what i want in life.

Any advice or suggestions are well appreciated.

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