I manifested my love, finally!!!!

After the last year and a half of singlehood, I have finally manifested my next great love. I spent many days aligning myself with my desire. The universe already knows what you want, so while I didn’t HAVE to specify, I did make collages, Pinterest lovely images of couples, and listen to love songs for the last three weeks just because it FELT GOOD, and it got me into alignment with myself, and my desire.

My new love happens to be someone I have known for 12 years. I couldn’t see him as this love before, I wasn’t ready to let it in. BUT, something happened, he revealed his long time desire for ME! So I figured I better give him a chance. He vlogged our first date, which turned into a weekend together, followed by us making an official commitment to be a couple. The vlog is so damn cute and you can watch how just a friendship turned into a relationship in very little time. 🙂 He is obviously meant to be my great love right now. I am so happy ❤️❤️❤️

There are things about him that I desired in a partner, and thought about, that I never realized he could fulfill until now. My heart is full ❤️ Thanks for reading, and for watching if you do 🙂 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_UHBWoIiHMs&feature=youtu.be

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