I’m falling for a girl. I’m determined to get her back.

She’s beautiful, smart, funny, positive, etc.. she makes me feel amazing. She wanted something long term. I showed a very negative side of myself that’s been manifesting for a while, and it made me come off as flippant, and unstable. I’ve sorted through it, and I’m much better now.

We shared an amazing night a week ago. We spent hours talking getting to know each other, and at the end of the night we were intimate. Slept with each other. I miss her. But the whole desire without wanting thing is tripping me up. I’m struggling with the skeptic in my brain that says it might not work, even thought I KNOW it does. She was a result of it.

She won’t return my texts, and she unfollowed me on Instagram. But I don’t feel like all hope is gone. I feel something in me that wants to keep fighting. She needs to know that I’m not unstable, and that I can take care of her and keep her safe.

Anyone have experience with this? Any help I can get?

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