letting go of a person from your past

A man I was dating for a year practically dropped off the face of the earth and never texted or called me again. The last time he texted me was 2 months ago and the last time I tried to contact him was 1.5 months ago. I’m having a hard time moving on and opening myself up to receive love. I’m so heart broken and I feel like it shows in my energy. I truly cared for this person and to never hear from them again hurts. I have been trying to manifest some sort of closure from him but I’m having doubts that it will happen.

I just want to let him go and move on but I can’t. I’ve been fighting myself for a week to text him. I feel like I have to text him and see how he is but I’m not sure I will get an answer from him.

What do I do? I want to let him go but i also feel like I need closure and some answers.

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