LOA – Lottery winning project – thoughts and question

Dear friends, as the title say, the project is about Winning the Lottery Jackpot.

I had been able (after months of daily practice) to persuade myself, both my conscious mind (analytical thoughts) and my subconscious mind (pure feelings) about the fact that i have already win (destined to win, winning soon) the lottery.

What does it mean, from my side, there is no more work to do, i simply know that i have won the lottery in my life (might be tomorrow or next week), my daily life actions reflect this knowledge, and i am always happy inside with this winning knolwedge that bring a constant peace and happiness.

No limiting beliefs or negative thoughts whatsoever, my vibrations are constantly aligned to the level of a lottery winner, i also noticed drastic change on how people around me treat me (they are all very kind and respectful and interested etc., like if they smell some very good thing happening in my life, and want to be part of it).

So far everything is perfect, still, my numbers didn’t come yet.

Looking from a “scientific” perspective, if this law is in fact a law, once the conditions for an event to happen are right, the even MUST happen, right? This is what “laws” do.

So i guess, there might be something we are missing here… Right?

As i stated before, i feel like everything i could do i already did, so i’m starting to think that probably the “push” might not be “automatic” like many people believe.
Maybe i need to somehow “tune” in the universal source consciousness, and do stuff from there?

The question arise, how to do it? Does it even make sense?

Thanks for your help! Any question you have, free to ask in comments.

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