Made up my mind

I really really want a bentley. I’m fucking 20 years old. I work 2 jobs and I’m not with this shirt anymore. I want my bentley ASAP and working these jobs isn’t cutting it! I’m not going to go into my 12 an hour job nor Will I call out. I would call out but they dont show me appreciation for my hard work. I am the reason the store is doing #1 in sales yet others have been awarded but I never have. Everything at this store is bulls hit fucking it. I quit!

As far as my other job paying me 17 an hour working with the boss I’m also thinking about quitting that if I don’t get a 13 an hour raise. The boss does big jobs like the other day a $2000 job. I got paid only 17 an hour. We finished the job in 6 hours and I got chump money compared to the boss… fucking it I want at least 30 an hour. If I can’t get that fuck that job too.

I have a goal in mind. A business that I’m passionate about. I will put all my effort into this business. This is a big risk because it can leave me homeless. But fuck it I’m so tired of waiting for my bentley, mansion million dollars. I’m not going to make that at a job as far as I can tell. And I want to be a boss anyways. All my effort and time will go into making my business successful and striving for it to be the very best. Again a big risk but I will get rich or I will die trying! Fucking having to take the bus because the cheap cars I can afford keep breaking down. Seeing people with what I want. I just want my own already.

Please wish me luck fellow manifestors. I have made up my mind to follow my dreams 100% now. No more jobs I Will be a boss a big Fucking boss owning multiple businesses and renting out huge apartment complexes yeah that will be me. See me riding around in my Bentley taking vacations when I want and cutting my self a check whenever I want!

Wish me luck and happy manifesting!

EDIT 1: Just sent my 17/hour job boss this text “Hey if I have a my own transportation starting Monday can I have a $13 raise? Meaning 30/hour instead of 17/hour”

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