Manifested and Thank You Universe:D

Firstly, thank you to the universe for this gift X

So long story short, I had a strong feeling I was paying too much tax at this temp job. Some of you may be aware of these spam e-mails that say you’ve got a tax credit coming and sign in blah blah. I receive them a lot and would always think how great it would be if they were real.

So in my reality as I said I had that strong feeling. So I looked it up and read that once you requested a tax rebate it would take 90 days. *Please don’t quote me, it could’ve said 5 weeks. They also check over payers between June and October and although I knew I was due something I needed it before August, even before mid July.

My temp job has come to an end and so I’m living off small savings. It’s my birthday this month and my mums big birthday. I’m taking her for a short break but I’m also going for a short break with a friend.
Thinking about my spending money was getting a bit stressful because the reality is that when I’m back from the second holiday I’ll have next to nothing. The hours at the temp job started to seriously decline but I also needed to make my mums birthday special. That’s the background story.

I came in last week and noticed a letter in the door. It was for me and it was a letter for my tax credit that is now coming in 5 days. I hadn’t called them or e-mailed. I simply thought about it and imagined those spam e-mails coming in as an authentic letter. I also thought about it coming before mid July and 2/3 days later there it was sitting in my letterbox. Just in time 🙂

Next Manifestation Coming Up: A New Permanent Job (the universe knows what I mean, we’ve BEEN in discussion 🙂

All the best to you all in your manifestations. If you have any recent money manifestations feel free to share 🙂

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