Manifested my ex and talked

I manifested my ex contacting me and we talked for a very long time. Talked about how we were doing and she said she’s been sober for awhile and says she misses me and wanted to let me know how she’s been doing. We talked about new things that came up in our life and how better we both have been doing. Towards the end I brought up meeting up and seeing each other. She said no at first but then said ” let me think about it ” because she says she feels very vulnerable and says she will think about memories and how she misses my hugs and me in general. She also said that she is very lonely and has no one to talk to so she doesn’t want to meet up and get depressed over the fact that she misses me, which she feels that will make her drink. So after she said let me think about it i said let’s just end things right here because I don’t deserve to be put on the side and waited on. So she said okay. She said she wouldn’t contact me again and said if I ever want to contact her again that it’s okay but I said I wouldn’t. I said goodbye first but I want her to contact me. How can I use the loa to get her to contact me and want to see me. And want to work things out. I really miss her.

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