My first ever manifestation to “test” the LOA actually manifested today and it blew me away.

So after picking up on the LOA again after a few months of abandoning it, I set out to try and manifest something in order to “test” the loa. I thought to myself “what is something I could manifest that wouldn’t be subject to pure coincidence?” I thought, hm, a Lamborghini, as they aren’t common in my area. At first I imagined a white Lamborghini now and then, but a red one seemed to pop in my head more often for some reason. I just went with it and continued to visualize the details and such. Eventually I forgot about it, I hadn’t seen one in the week of me trying so I just let it go. Well today, on my way to the gas station, to my absolute disbelief, I looked up and there it was, a red Lamborghini driving in the opposite direction. Had I been looking anywhere else at that second I would’ve missed it. I was so blown away I literally had chills all up and down my spine, my mouth wide open, and I even turned off the music to process it. Absolutely crazy, my first ever true manifestation.

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