Not really sure where to go From Here

Hello all!

I’ve had really good success with manifesting with the Law of Attraction, I’ve manifested money, a new art tablet, supplies, better art skills, success in school, etc and I keep up a gratitude journal on the regular, as those of you know who have posted about journaling for positivity, etc.

However, recently I’ve had some hard endings occur in my life, although I’m not that upset over them and I know it’s just things being cleared that no longer match my own vibrations any longer 🙂

However, things feel a little…I don’t want to say empty or stagnant, but just I’m kind of at a phase where I don’t really know where I wanna go from here. I’m not really sure what I want right now, which is really new for me. While I would like to have new friendships or maybe a new hobby, I’m also at a phase where I’m fairly content with going with the flow of things. I’m not actively trying to manifest for the time being, and as a result not much is really happening for me. I’m trying to use this period as a time to really focus on myself and improve myself as a person.

I’m mainly struggling with identifying what I really want for the time being and I don’t know where to direct my energy, I’m just kind of going with the flow.

Has anyone else had issues like this, and if so how do I identify what I really want, or is it just something that will come in due time?

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