Something went wrong and I’d really like your help

The last few months I worked on getting into a Master’s program. I worked really hard, I got really excited about it, and it soon became something I couldn’t stop thinking about. Well, I got an offer from an awesome program in London, and I soon began making all of these plans for when I move to the UK.

About a month ago I applied for a scholarship since without it I would not be able to attend uni. I worked really hard on that application as well… I kept telling myself (and I did believe it as well) that there would not be any reason for them to deny funding since I was certain that I was an excellent candidate. I got scholarships in the past. I really believed that I had everything they were looking for.

But I think something went wrong… I ended up not getting the scholarship, and although there might have been a number of issues with the application, I think there was also something to do with my mindset.

For a while before that this was part of my daily routine: meditate for 20-30 minutes, listen to positive affirmations as I go about my day, write 3 things I am grateful for in my journal for 30 days straight, and just make sure I was dealing with my emotions and thoughts properly and not just going through the motions. Although, I do recall feeling like some of these things were more like chores than something I wanted to do… For example with the gratitude journal… Once the first 30 days were over my habit of journaling became a bit sporadic.

Do you have any advice for me? I think I may need to switch things up a little bit in my daily routine. I generally don’t do well with monotony.

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