Today is the day I began to let go.

I had a very cluttered life. I kept alive negative memories and conversations from my past, I got into arguments with people and fought them in my mind. I compared myself to everyone and felt so inferior. On top of that, I wasn’t very organized either. My part of the house was a mess.

I’ve decided to clean the mental and emotional clutter of my mind, while simultaneously cleaning my house.

I feel clean. I feel like I have space for new things. I feel like my vision is 20/20. I’m starting to mentally forgive everyone for all the wrong things I ever said to them or did to them in my head.

I love that I have the ability to change my life and circumstance for the better. I have the option to live my life how I want, and have opportunities to make myself great!

I hope all of you get to experience the same clarity I had today 🙂

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