Today was about showing unconditional love.

I reached out to a man that hurt me years ago. It’s been about 10 years since I’ve seen him.

I told him that he had hurt me, but he’s what got me into film and music, and he perpetuated my dream, even though he created a lot of pain as a male role model. I told him that I forgive him.

He told me that, for the first time in years today, he woke up and had an impulse to message me and talk to me. He was astounded that I messaged him today, and he said the timing was impeccable.. but we all know this wasn’t coincidence.

He told me that he feels immensely guilty. He felt like since I was talented as a younger man, he felt jealous. He said that my kindness in reaching out has made his year, and I have inspired him to keep going. He said he was waiting to die.


Manifestations, Desires, wants.. it’s all extra. There’s something more important that must be desired and manifested. The ability to help others. The fulfillment of letting go of pain, and forgiving that which has hurt you; it’s life saving. I want to manifest goodness for others before myself. That way, I will have everything that I need.

Happy Friday, everyone 🙂 Make someone smile today, if you can.

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